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The closest airport is Denver International (DEN).

It's a hub for both United Airlines and Southwest Airlines, who often have the cheapest flights, and always have the most frequent ones. (Spirit also has cheap flights, if Spirit's your thing and you want to spend some quality time in Las Vegas).

Fair warning: it's in Kansas.


Ok ok, we kid —  but it really is pretty far out of town!
So however you get to downtown (more about that below), it will at least a 30-40 minute trip, and if you're driving and there's traffic, possibly an hour or more. We recommend planning to take the light rail




Rental Car

Cars may be rented and picked up at DEN; visit the airport website to learn more.

45-120 minutes

Airport Train (recommended)

A light rail train to Union Station departs DEN every 15 minutes. 

37 minutes


30-75 minutes

Uber/Lyft and Taxis are nice options if you have a lot of luggage, but they can also be pricey.  The internet says the average ride is $40, but  in our experience it can be a lot higher, especially at night.    



  • Head northeast on Wynkoop St; turn right onto 17th St. 

  • Turn right onto Blake St.

  • Continue onto Auraria Pkwy.

  • Use the 2nd from the left lane to turn onto 7th St. 

  • Turn right on to Walnut St.

  • Continue on Walnut St. until you see signs for Meow Wolf; here Walnut becomes West Colfax Ave/Old Colfax Ave.

  • Continue straight (under the highway); Ironworks will be on your right.



How to get tickets

RTD MyRide App

Digital mobile tickets may be purchased through RTD's MyRide mobile app, as well as through the Transit app (if you happen to use that already.) Note that to buy tickets on the RTD MyRide app, you have a MyRide account — which you can make upon opening the app for the first time, or you can also make here. We recommend making an account / downloading the app ahead of time,  just in case things get hectic at the airport!

Physical tickets

Physical tickets may be purchased at the airport station and and ticket machines at other stations (or before you even get to Denver, if you order a ticket book), Ticket machines accept credit card and contactless payments (including Apple Pay), so you don't need to have cash on-hand. Still, it's probably easier to go the digital route. 


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Discount (Seniors 65+)

Day Pass (includes airport)
3-Hour Pass (includes airport)



Day Pass + Airport
Regular Day Pass (no airport):

3-Hour Pass (no airport):


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